Web Design


In this course you will start with basic HTML tags. You will learn how to create HTML websites in your work before we start discussing HTML5. We do not assume any prior knowledge so we go through the concepts from the beginner's point of view. In our HTML5 lectures we start with new tags and forms. We then gradually move to advance topics like Drag and Drop and Multimedia. We follow it with difficult topics like Geolocation, WebStorage and Application cache. This course creates easy to grasp examples for each of the concepts and by the end of it you will be able to understand the complete picture rather than just bits and pieces of the technology.

This program has been design for individuals from different types of background. In general individuals that can attend this course is shown below:

  • An individual who want to get into web design but has no knowledge, can attend this course
  • Individuals already in programming or that have programming knowledge, can attend this course
  • Recent graduates


3 Days

  • Introduction to basic HTML
    • HTML Basics
    • Creating a HTML Webpage
    • HTML Attributes
    • HTML Headings and Paragraphs
    • HTML Formatting
    • HTML Links and Images
    • HTML Tables and Lists
    • HTML Forms and Input
    • HTML Iframes
    • HTML Blocks
    • HTML Javascript
    • Introduction HTML5
    • New Tags and Elements
    • New Form Elements
  • Introduction to HTML5
    • Introduction to HTML5
    • HTML5 Support
    • HTML5 Elements
    • HTML5 Migration
    • HTML5 Style Guide
  • HTML5 Features
    • HTML5 Graphics
    • HTML5 Feature Detection and Drag and Drop
    • HTML5 Multimedia
    • SVG in HTML5
  • HTML5 Advance features
    • Geolocation
    • WebStorage
    • HTML5 - Application Cache

You have gone through all the training and reading material, since you decided to choose your career. This might have given you initial understanding about the procedures and techniques and you are even able to pass your certification as well ...

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