Software Testing

Internship Program - Putting Theory into Practice

You have gone through all the training and reading material, since you decided to choose software testing as your career. This might have given you initial understanding about the procedures and techniques and you are even able to pass your certification as well. The biggest challenge candidates are facing currently is the response from the industry.

You might have managed to have few interview calls from agencies but have you ever wondered why they never got back to you? So what is the ingredient which is missing to break into the software testing industry?


8 Weeks

Concentrating on theoretical aspects is good to get a grasp on the subject but having concepts only is not good enough when it comes to beating the competition. You need a strong practical understanding of what actually happens at the work place. This is what most of the candidates are lacking as they are under the impression that potential employers will accept them just on the basis of their knowledge. The truth of the matter is, industry prefers candidates with practical experience which will make them more suitable for their position.

If you are eager to breakthrough software testing industry, then this is the right place for you. We will cover the essential technical aspects practically which will enable you to become a professional software tester.

  • Business requirement specifications analysis
  • Planning and prioritising of tests
  • Test case generation
  • Data and environment requirement identification
  • Test execution, defect reporting and tracking
  • Test result and completion reporting
  • Utilization of manual and automation concepts
  • Get paid while working
  • Live projects which potential employers can see
  • Regular feedback on task completion
  • Coordination with overseas development team
  • Become part of a team led by project manager with years of industrial experience

After going through a rigorous practical experience, you will have the confidence to talk about the project you worked on when going for an interview. Since you have worked on a real project and NOT a dummy, you would feel the difference in the body language, voice tone and the way of answering interview questions.

The approach we adopt during our project work is exactly according to the industry requirements and standards.

  • Manual and automation testing utilizing different methodologies such as V-Model, Agile and Waterfall.
  • Knowledge of Manual and Automation Testing

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