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SAP Security

  • SAP Security is the very important concern in any SAP audit. When a company receives SAP it is almost devoid of all security measures. When we implement SAP, company must go through an extensive process of outlining their processes and then building their system security from the ground up to ensure proper segregation of duties and proper access.
  • Through security you are able to monitor who has access to what data and processes and ensure that there is sufficient segregation of duties so as to prevent someone from perpetrating fraud.
  • One of the major advantages of SAP is that it can be programmed to perform various audit functions for you.
  • SAP solutions are actually built from the basic level to assure the highest level security in the most sensitive environments.
  • For new employees it is important that their access is set up properly and that future access granted has proper approval
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  • SAP R/3, Netweaver Technologies SAP Security
  • Elements of SAP Authorization Concepts
  • User Master Record
  • Working with Profile Generator (Roles, Composite Roles, Derived Roles, Customizing Roles)
  • Access Control and User administration (password Rules, special users, Authorization Administration)
  • Analysis and monitoring functions.
  • Special Authorization Components (Express Profile Gen)
  • Transport of authorization components
  • Automation of initial Loads
  • Central User Administration
  • Configuring and Using Basis Security Audit Tools Configuration of the Audit Log Reading the Audit Log
  • Controlling Transaction Codes, Tables, Programs Auditing the protection of transaction code execution Auditing the protection of direct table access Auditing the protection of direct program execution Auditing the protection of developer access
  • Securing User and Group Administration User Information System for Audits Decentralized security approaches Trace tools for users that can be used to support audits Auditing standard SAP users Auditing user related security parameters
  • Change Management and Security SAP recommended system landscape Approval processes for change management Auditing system change options and client change options Roles and responsibilities for change management
  • Securing System Administration Services in Production Auditing security for background processing Auditing security for spool, operating system commands System authorizations required for end-users Auditing RFC destinations
  • BW Security Review
  • CRM Security Review
  • SCM Security Review
  • XI Security Review
  • Solution Manager Security Review
  • Enterprise Portals Security Review
  • HR Security Review
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