SAP Training Modules

SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (SAP GRC)

  • SAP GRC is a flexible enterprise resource solution that works in balancing of risk and opportunities in organization. It covers all processes and components of the SAP solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). With a focus on Process Control, Access Control and Risk Management, the standard implementation scenarios and information is covered in this training.
  • SAP GRC is an ideal bet for professionals working on risk management. We will learn how you can guarantee the compliance of business processes and IT systems with Process Control, how Access Control can be used for company-wide role definition and segregation of duties and how to perform analysis and elimination of risk related to user creation and super user authorization, will subsequently explore the relevant phases of risk management in order to supervise financial as well as legal risks.
  • We will receive insight into the SAP solutions for compliance in the foreign trade, SAP GTS, and for compliance with guidelines in the environmental protection and labor safety, SAP EHS.
  • Duration


    GRC 10.0 Course syllabus
  • Architecture & features of GRC 10.0
  • Difference between GRC5.3 & GRC 10.0
  • Migration steps from GRC5.3 to GRC10.0
  • Installation steps of GRC10.0
  • Post installation activities of GRC10.0
  • Introduction on new components in GRC10.0
  • ARA (Access Risk Analysis)
  • Configuring and Maintaining the Rule Set
  • Analyze and Manage Risk
  • Maintain a Critical Access Rule
  • Role Level Simulation
  • User Level Simulation
  • Perform Ad Hoc Risk Analysis & Mitigating Risks
  • EAM (Emergency Access Management)
  • Emergency Access Management Configuration
  • Maintain Owners and Controllers in Central Owner Maintenance
  • Assign Owners to Firefighter IDs
  • Assign Controllers to Firefighter IDs
  • Assign Firefighter Users to Firefighter IDs
  • Maintain Reason Codes
  • Monitoring Emergency Access
  • Review a Log Report
  • ARM (Access Request Management)
  • Business Rules Framework
  • Maintaining & Customizing MSMP Workflow
  • Settings Specific to Provisioning and Managing Users
  • End User Personalization Forms
  • Create an Access Request
  • BRM (Business Role Management)
  • Configuring Role Management
  • Roles-Specific Configuration Options
  • Configuring Role Methodology
  • Settings for Condition Groups
  • Maintain Owners for Role Management
  • Create a Single Role
  • Mass Managing Roles
  • Support activities of ARA, ARM, EAM, BRM
    Risk analysis at user, role level and simulation activities
    Mitigation control ids creation and process to mitigate users and roles
    Creation of new request in ARM and risk analysis from ARM
    Creation of FF ID, FF Owner, FF Controller in EAM.
    Assigning FF to FF IDS.
    Process to extract log reports and send to controllers
    Creation of Single & composite Role through BRM

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