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Internship Program - Putting Theory into Practice

Internship program in Mobile development, We are looking for the role of Mobile app developers, as a mobile app developer you will be responsible for the complete life cycle of mobile applications - from design, build, testing and content preparation. You will have endless opportunities to learn and make a difference. You can build the career you want and cultivate your expertise.


6 Days

Learning to work on projects is quite easy with expert project trainers to guide you through out the training period. While working on live projects or live project training Android you will have access to the expert Android developers in our company who have years of expertise in developing the customized applications for the clients. You will work closely with these experts on the real-time client projects. While live project training Android you will definitely get doubts and may have to face various problems due to insufficient knowledge in the beginning phase.

But with our trainers doubts and problems will not be an issue at all, as they will guide you at each and every step helping you understand the very best of the things you are deploying or during the project work.

  • Project definition is basically the definition statement of the project stating what actually the project is about.
  • For live project training Android initial requirement would be the selection of an appropriate project definition to work on.
  • we initially provide with the project definition samples or templates of a few real-time projects to our trainees for selection.
  • we are an outsourcing and a software development company we have number of real-time projects from our clients to provide students to work on.
  • The server hosting the LabTech solution must use SSL and a trusted certificate from a reliable provider (e.g. VeriSign, GoDaddy).
  • Instructions for Verisign and GoDaddy can be found at the following links: Any support required for installing SSL certificates must be obtained from your SSL certificate provider.
  • iOS location and data tracking requires installation of the iOS agent application. The device must be enrolled in the current iOS(that uses Apple's Service) before the iOS can sign up to the LabTech server.
  • Achieve better communication and control over projects and adapt project plans without disrupting the project budget, timescale and scope.
  • Develop professionalism in employees and include agile certification in employee professional development schemes.
  • Requires having a valid MDM certificate signed by Apple or an approved MDM vendor. LabTech is an approved vendor, and provides a wizard to assist in the creation /procurement of the management certificate in the Installing the Apple MDM Certificate section of this document.
  • Requires the use of Google Chrome or Firefox to create the MDM certificate.

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