Salesforce Administrator Training Module

Salesforce Administrator

  • This course is designed to ensure that to master the concepts of Salesforce Administrator.
  • Our training will help understand how to administer & configure Salesforce, and develop.
  • Duration

    40 Hours

    Salesforce Administrator
      1 CRM Overview & Saas
      2 Salesforce Applications (Marketing, Sales, Service) Overview
      3 Configuration Basics Overview
    • Application Elements Overview(Tabs, App, Links, Homepage Component)
    • Salesforce Building Blocks overview (Objects, Page Layouts, Related List, Fields, Buttons etc)
    • Workflow Rules Overview
    • 4 Personal Customization(Password Reset, Login Access, Calender Sharing etc)
      5 System Administration
    • Roles
    • Profiles
    • User Setup
    • Login History
    • Queues
    • Groups
    • 6 Advanced System Administration (security controls)
    • OWD
    • Sharing Settings
    • Password Policies
    • Audit Trail
    • Communication Templates
    • Data Loader
    • Mass Update/ Transfer Records
    • Storge Usage
    • Sandbox
    • 7 Monitoring Logs & Jobs

    You have gone through all the training and reading material, since you decided to choose your career. This might have given you initial understanding about the procedures and techniques and you are even able to pass your certification as well ...

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