SAS Training Module


SAS (Statistical Analysis System; not to be confused with SAP) is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics. It is the largest market-share holder for advanced analytics.


25 Days

    Base SAS Training Course Content
  • The Program will cover three modules
  • 1 . SAS Programming I Essential
  • Navigate the SAS windowing environment
  • Read various types of data into SAS dat a sets
  • Validate and clean SAS data sets
  • Create SAS variables and s ubset data
  • Combine SAS data sets
  • Create and en hance listing and summar y reports
  • 2 . SAS Programming II: Manipulation Data with DATA step
  • Control SAS data set input and output
  • Combine SAS data sets
  • Summarize, read, and write different ty pes of data
  • Perform DO lo op and SAS array processing
  • Transform character, numeric, and date variables
  • Advanced SAS Training Course Content
  • The Program will cover three modules
  • 1 . SAS Macro Language
  • Perform text substitution in SAS code
  • Automate and customize t he production of SAScode
  • Conditionally or iteratively construct SAS code
  • Use macro variables and macro functions
  • 2 . SQL Processing with SAS
  • Query and sub set data
  • Summarize and present dat a
  • Combine tables, including complex joins and merges
  • Create and mo dify table vie ws and indexes
  • Replace multi ple DATA and PROC steps with one SQ L query
  • 3 . SAS Prog ramming III: Advance Te chniques & efficiency
  • Control memory, I/O, and CPU resources
  • Create and use indexes
  • Combine data horizontally and vertically
  • Use hash and hiter DATA step component objects, arrays, and for mats as looku p tables
  • Compress SAS data sets
  • Sample your SAS data sets
  • Clinical SAS Training Course Content In Chennai
    Base SAS
  • SAS programming 1: Essentials
  • SAS programming II: Data manipulation techniques
  • Base SAS Certification Review
  • SAS/SQL SAS PheedIT General Introduction
  • Overview/introduction to PheedIt including Roles and Online Documentation
  • PheedIt Administration
  • Library Administration, Librarian Role
  • Workshop for Library Administration
  • Study Setup Study, Definer Role
  • Workshop for Study Definer Role, start
  • Workshop for Study Definer Role
  • Data Entry
  • Workshop for Data Entry
  • Discrepancy Management, Disc. Manager Role
  • Workshop for CDM Role
  • Investigator Role, Monitor Role
  • Clinical Data Manager (CDM) Role
  • Statistician Role
  • Dictionary Coding
  • Workshop CDM
  • Clinical SAS Data Integration
  • Register source data and target tables
  • Create jobs and explore the functionality of the Job Editor
  • Work with many of the various transformations
  • Enhance table relationships using integrity constraints, key, and indexes
  • Work with slowly changing dimensions
  • Create custom transformation with the Transformation Generation Wizard
  • Document and deploy jobs
  • Administer SAS Data Integration Studio

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